15 June 2021

Simple tricks to rejuvenate your skin

If we had a skincare "pyramid," as we do for healthy eating, the base would hydration, regular sleep, and stress reduction techniques. Moving up, we would have healthy food, and then, good skincare — including a retinol or vitamin C serum, as well as a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and offers a rating of PA++++. Of course, we all have days when our face looks tired and dull — regardless of whether we stayed up late from studying, breastfeeding, or partying! Let's explore how to make a tired complexion glow again.

Want to refresh your face? Rinse your skin with cold water!

In the morning, a strong cleanser isn't really necessary — products like this can actually damage the hydrolipidic layer of our skin. Instead, just use water. Simply rinse your face with water several times, always at a cool temperature. This way, your face won't feel "squeaky" under your fingers — we might think that means our skin is clean, but leaving a fine layer of natural oil isn't a bad thing! This will keep your skin from becoming overly sensitive. Cool water revives the skin, relieves tired eyes, and shrinks our pores. And there's no better way to wake up!

Lympathic drainage with a chilled roller or gua sha

If you have a stone roller at home, try putting it in the freezer. Massaging your face with chilled stone promotes relaxation and combats puffiness. You can also use a heart-shaped gua sha stone to drain excess lymph from the face. Sometimes, a bad skin day shows up more as puffiness, due to excess water retention. A few skilled strokes can help you move the lymphatic fluid away from your face, reducing swelling. How? Check out our lymphatic drainage programs — they will definitely help!

A rescue cream

If you're dealing with red, irritated skin — skin that cries "help!" — treat it to a cream containing ceramides. You'll want one free from any intense active ingredients, and with a minimum of preservatives. You just want to provide your skin with some lubrication, in order to help it get back into balance. When it comes to treating irritation, minimalism is key — reschedule those complicated facials for another day.

Short, invigorating exercises

This is our Edi's favorite method! A few energetic exercises — and with the right soundtrack, of course! — can improve micro-circulation, stimulate the facial muscles, and brighten your mood all at once. No energy? Fake it till you make it! Whenever we smile, our brain receives a signal that we're feeling happy ... even when it's artificial. In this same way, we can give ourselves a boost of energy by getting moving on those days when all we want to do is stay in bed. We even offer rapid programs — but if you can make the time, we recommend the ones that allow for some full-body exercise.

Accelerated hydration

Did you forget to drink enough fluids yesterday? You can make up for it today with some coconut water, or water with a dash of Himalayan salt and lemon juice. Both of these work like an isotonic drink — and can help your skin look brighter.

Good luck!

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