28 June 2021

Want to slow down your skin's aging process? Let’s get training!

Many of us want to keep our faces looking young as long as possible. So, we buy quality cosmetics and supplements, go in for treatments, and follow the latest beauty news. But have you heard about training the muscles of your face? It’s a healthy way to tighten and firm up your look, and even fight wrinkles. Read on — we'll tell all!

Our faces age a little differently than the rest of our bodies. Facial skin is thinner and much more delicate, and our facial expressions accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles. The skin on our faces also undergoes different natural processes — and many more of them — than the skin on our back, legs, or abdomen. Keep your face firm and well-nourished long-term requires some special care, and daily attention.

You are what you eat!

Let’s start with the basics. You already know that smoking and drinking alcohol have a detrimental effect on the condition of your skin, and can even speed up the aging process. You’re also probably familiar with the fact that you should minimize simple sugars, and any products containing them, in your diet — that’s because glucose “sticks” to the collagen and elastin fibers in skin, which can impact elasticity. But did you know that everything you eat can affect how your skin looks? The most important thing is to avoid processed foods and microwave meals, which may contain harmful preservatives. When grocery shopping, avoid products that have a long list of ingredients you can barely pronounce! Try cooking from scratch at home. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat, and grains, and don’t forget to stay hydrated — water is best. The best diet is a simple one.

Can facial exercises really help with wrinkles?

It’s time to get moving! And we don’t mean the typical facial training methods you may have heard of — ones that stop at the neck, as if your head were its own, separate entity. It’s important to remember that our bodies are a whole structure, which is based on our bones and muscles … and our faces have muscles, too! When they're neglected, they grow weak, and can cause our cheeks to droop, our facial fat pads to drift, and our whole face shape to change. All of this can also speed up the development of wrinkles. Thankfully, there's good news, too — we can actually train our facial muscles, just like all the other muscles that make up our bodies.

Facegroovin’ is based on facts — together, our heads and our bodies form one organism, so everything we do to benefit one part of our body helps all the rest. Exercise isn’t everything, though. When we move and tense our muscles, we also need to relax them afterwards. Fascia, or the connective tissue found throughout our bodies, is key, and it’s important that we experience a full range of motion. Our app uses a smart algorithm to track your needs and preferences. Then, it creates a special training program just for you — including exercises and self-massage! With Facegroovin’, you’ll also learn how take care of your overall physical posture.

Stand up straight — like a queen!

Our everyday habits can impact how quickly our faces age, too. This is especially true when it comes to our most automatic and unconscious choices. First of all, think about how you use your smartphone. Do you browse Instagram while lying on the couch, your neck bent? Or maybe you tend to it sitting, with your chin tucked down? Choices like these aid and abet the force of gravity — causing our cheeks to droop, reshaping our faces, and even promoting a double chin. Try to keep your phone at eye level … that way, you won't have to bend your head as much. The same goes for books and e-readers!

Do you stare at a computer screen all day? How many hours do you spend sitting? Pay attention to your work setup, and to your posture while gazing at your screen. Your spine health can actually impact how quickly your face ages — when you hunch over, your face tilts down, increasing gravity’s effect on facial tissues. Keep your back straight, and your head and neck in a straight line with your spine. It’s not easy to maintain this position, and doing so can take a lot of work — but it’s worth it! Training regularly with Facegroovin’ will also strengthen your back and your buttocks, helping you to stand up straight … and ultimately slowing down the aging process.

Change your sleeping position ... your face will thank you

It’s also important to consider the way you sleep. Our sleeping position can influence the appearance of “sleep wrinkles,” which are found most often on the neck and décolleté. Side- and stomach-sleepers are sure to notice these the most. True, changing your sleep position isn’t easy — but for the sake of your face, it’s worth learning to sleep on your back. Also, consider investing in some higher-quality bedding, like silk. You can even buy a special anti-wrinkle pillow, which is contoured to help side-sleepers avoid squishing their faces at night.

Choices like these can have a real impact on how quickly our faces age. Take matters into your own hands, and try some less conventional methods of self-care — in addition to cosmetics and treatments. The effects might surprise you!

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