15 June 2021

Why don't we retouch our photos? Or: What does it mean to be fit?

Facegroovin' was founded by a group of women. Women who are mothers, who are busy, who are aging, who are changing, and who have a thousand errands to do every single day. We all have days when we want to look better — younger, slimmer, healthier, and more radiant. It might not keep us up at night (besides, sleep is the number-one anti-aging product!), but we can't deny it altogether.

If you've found us, you can probably relate. At Facegroovin', we believe a healthy body and a body that society considers "beautiful" aren't always one and the same. We aren't perfect, so we don't strive for perfection as a team. Creating any method that would push us into the realm of "must" and "should" would be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want to feel healthier, better, happier, and have time for fun — and above all, to have a good relationship with our body. That's why, when we created Facegroovin', we knew that strict standards or approaches weren't for us.

"Fit" means something more

Our philosophy was inspired by Edi — who not only created our method, but who also stars in our instructional videos! We made a decision that we wouldn't use any retouching methods in our videos. Of course, we might adjust the colors, but there's no smoothing, slimming, or filtering reality. Edi's the one who taught us what it means to be fit, and she knows what she's talking about — she's been a fitness trainer for more than a decade.

On social media, we can see countless fit moms, fit young women, fit guys, fit couples, and even fit seniors. Unfortunately, most of them look exactly the same — bodies sculpted at the gym, with flat, muscular bellies, well-developed arms and chests, and prominent backsides. Here, fit eating supposedly translates to nothing but salads and shakes. Now, there's nothing wrong with training hard — but let's not fall into the trap of thinking that this is what fitness really means. Being fit doesn't simply mean six-pack abs or a wrinkle-free face.

Fit and filled with energy—vivacious and strong!

"Being fit means being capable and energetic, vivacious, and strong," says Edi. It's a combination of endurance, energy, strength, and flexibility. For Facegroovin', we didn't alter Edi's image to make her look thinner — because Edi wears sizes ranging from small all the way up to large, but that doesn't change how in shape she is. She can dance, run to catch the bus, and carry her growing child in her arms. She has energy, experiences a full range of motion in her body, and feels comfortable in her own skin. Her body shows its thanks by inviting her to move and enjoy living in it.

The same goes for wrinkles. Watch our instructional videos — Edi has wrinkles, because she's in her 30s and loves to smile! Our exercises help to soften wrinkles, shorten them, and make them less deep. They build the skin's density and supplness, helping with circulation. It feels good to look in the mirror after doing our exercises. Here at Facegroovin', the goal is joy, self-care, and feeling happy in and connected to our bodies.

We're thrilled that you want to get this kind of fit with us. See you at training!

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