Fg' rejuvenates, refreshes and keeps the face and body young. Think about working out with Fg' as a healthy self-care routine that also slows down the aging process.

Fg' rejuvenates, refreshes and keeps the face and body young. Think about working out with Fg' as a healthy self-care routine that also slows down the aging process.

Yes. The 'Fg' method is certified by the appropriate research, which has shown that it improves the face shape and makes the skin more supple and firm after the first use, along with many other benefits. The 'Fg' technique also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The effects are visible after just 7 days of working out.

The 'Fg' program was built by a team of face and body experts, as well as motivational coaches and cosmetic chemists.

It was created in consultation with, and received good feedback from doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, so we are confident that the techniques in this program are effective and safe.

“When I came across the Facegroovin’ method, I thought right away that it was exceptionally innovative. When it comes to wrinkle prevention, no other method in aesthetic medicine takes into account both the face and the whole body. It was the first time that it came to my attention that a full body workout and proper body alignment are a necessary step on the way to a beautiful and young face. One of the most important aspects in the Facegroovin’ method is the emphasis on working on tense or weak facial muscles with the goal of maintaining the normal balance of tension in the muscles. The main principles of the Facegroovin’ manual facelift massage methodology correspond with the osteopathic approach.

In order to avoid illness and achieve a healthy appearance in the face it is absolutely necessary to make sure that all systems in our body work and cooperate properly. This is the golden rule I follow in my work as an osteopath. The Facegroovin’ philosophy pays special attention to this principle. It recognizes the importance of the spine and soft tissues located below the head-neck junction, and on the condition and attractive appearance of the face.

Highly recommended.

Dr Kamil Ślusarz

“I consider the Facegroovin’ concept based on the structural-manual facelift massage to be absolutely spectacular. Finally someone realized that, without proper work with the spine and body alignment, it is impossible to naturally improve the changes related to facial aging.

The Facegroovin’ technique acts intelligently and intuitively as it is based on the exercises of the face and facial massage, but it is also combined with work on the proper alignment of the body which I think is the method’s key value.

This is a natural method that can be used both on its own, instead of plastic surgery or, if done properly, it can act in synergy with the effects of such surgical intervention. Its additional merit lies in a holistic approach to the body, which shows the way to a conscious, everyday face and self-care.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Dr. Janusz Greese Łyko - plastic surgery specialist

Tak! Według badań laboratoryjnych dzięki Fg’ w sposób naturalny spłycisz i skrócisz zmarszczki. Ćwicz regularnie, przynajmniej 3 razy w tygodniu dla najlepszych efektów :).

Edi urodziła się w 1988 roku.

No. We believe in workouts that are meant to make you feel good in your own body and not some sort of sham that pretends that the body looks different than in reality.

This is why we don’t digitally slim Eda. She is athletic, which is not necessarily synonymous with the size S. In Fg’ we want to make space for everyone to be who they are :)

No, Eda has never had any treatments of this sort.

Yes, but only after an appropriate time has passed between the treatments and using our app.

Fg’ can delay the need to use any aesthetic medicine treatments but it can also wonderfully compliment them. However, do not ever make such a decision without consulting professional advice! Please talk to your doctor first and follow her or his recommendations.

Facegroovin' and botox are two completely different methods with two distinctive approaches. Botox paralyzes and weakens muscles while the Fg’ method “teaches'' them to function properly. Botox doesn’t require a lot of commitment and it will relieve tension faster, but in the long run your face needs active facial muscles that work properly. The choice is yours :).

Facial exercises don’t take much time. If you dedicate 7 to 15 minutes several times a week (we recommend practicing 3-6 times per week) you will get the best results. If you dream of mastering Fg’ completely, use your body - the units that combine face and body workouts last from 20 to 60 minutes and it’s good to practice them at least three times a week. Working out regularly is the most important but remember - take your time, one by one, in your own rhythm!

Good news for those who are impatient!

For face and spine units you only need some free time, a little bit of space where nobody will bother you and a place where you can sit down comfortably, with a spot to set up your phone so that you can peek at the instructions during your workout. For unites that last 7, 10 and 15 minutes dress comfortably (it doesn’t need to be dedicated sportswear :) ). A deep neckline t-shirt will make it easier during the massage of the jawline and neck area.

As for the units focused on the body, you will need some workout clothes. A mat is optional.

For starters, you will need to wash your hands and face beforehand (no makeup, please!) If you choose the ‘full screen’ option, make sure to fetch a mirror so that you can see your face while doing the exercises.

If you have dry or couperose-prone skin, a face cream or oil will come in handy. Oily skin will do well without any additional moisturizing, but if you prefer to use it, do not hesitate - do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

You can also choose programs with Fg’ accessories. Choose these according to your own preferences, needs and taste and you can purchase within the app :)

Good news for those who are impatient! According to the lab tests we requested, the skin becomes more supple after the first use. After only 7 days of exercising regularly, the skin becomes firmer, more supple, the face shape improves and lines get reduced. Of course, the longer you work out regularly, the better the results you will get. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Easy peasy! Fill out our survey, which will guide you step by step towards the results you expect to achieve. In it, mark the areas you want to improve, the time you have available and your preferences. Thus you will receive a personalized workout plan that, after a while, you can easily change. And if you want to cheat on it with another plan - no problem. For instance, your goal might be to firm your neck and to improve the shape of your face, but today you feel like doing an energizing workout with music or a low-key massage – that’s ok! Facegroovin’ is for you and not the other way around. Choose any exercise and whenever you want, go back to your personalized workout plan. In this way you can take better care of both your current and long-term needs.

Eda! She is a certified exercise and facial massage instructor, who developed the Facegroovin' method and who has been working with the human body for years. You will find more on Eda in other questions in the FAQ.

When creating the Facegroovin' method we noticed that it’s impossible to pretend that the head (or rather the face) and the rest of the body are separate entities. The way your neckline, neck, chin and face shape look depends on your posture and the ways in which your body works. However, fitness practice neglects the face and conversely, programs focusing on the face do not pay attention to the rest of your body. The truth is: a good posture results from a strong core that in turn influences the appearance of the face. Proper posture prevents soft tissues from degenerating early and as a result, reduces skin sagging. In Fg' we carefully selected body workouts that promote the beauty of your face and that are safe for everyone. We have also ruled out any exercises that would be prone to cause injuries and those that might be too advanced, so you will do great!

Just like with the full body practice, if one day you do arm workouts, on another you exercise your buttocks and yet another your back, eventually you will see progress in this particular part of the body. Your muscles need some time to rebuild – you already know that, for sure. So if you would like to work on specific parts of your face, fill out the survey and you will receive your own personalized training plan. Do not frequently change the parts of the muscles you are working on, and you will see the results faster. Remember that facial muscle exercises are a bit more difficult than body training as they require more precision. Don't give up when you don't get it right at first. Repeat the routines again and again until after a few weeks you will be able to practice them without looking at the screen of your phone, even during household chores! Routine is not always a bad thing :)

Routine is the most important. And what is conducive to frequent repetitions? Having fun! We encourage you to fill out our survey that will help our clever algorithm to design a personalized set of exercises especially for you! And if you ever get bored or yearn for more, go ahead and browse through our app! Choose routines tailored to music, relax or just the opposite – energize, experiment and have fun exactly as you like it. There is a reason why Fg’ is the most music-oriented workout app in the universe – the rhythms you love make the minutes spent practicing fly by and you, carried by your favorite sounds, work out almost effortlessly. One thing worth remembering is that the best kind of workout is the one you just did!

Yes, indeed! We have prepared a whole selection of wonderful things for you! Apart from our app, you can take advantage of an in-person consultation (in our studio in Warsaw, Poland). During the appointment with a professional, we will diagnose the state of your skin according to its muscle balance. You will receive a personalized rejuvenation program involving carefully selected workout and self-massage techniques, healthy skincare routine and lifestyle tips. Moreover, in our studio you will be able to take advantage from a revitalizing massage. Here at Facegroovin’ we also organize group classes led by “facial choreographers” who help you get into the groove of your face. And if you don’t have access to the activities at our studio, check out our online store where you will find skincare products and massage tools that will help you in your everyday self-care routines (coming soon).

No, skipping self-massages is not recommended. The overall goal of the practice is achieving muscle balance. A healthy muscle should contract, relax and finally, release some tension.While working out, tension is eased through stretching or massage. During the facial muscles workouts, stretching is impossible – the muscles are too small, that’s why massage is key here. Where do wrinkles come from? They are usually caused by repeated contractions of the mimic muscles. You raise your eyebrows, frown, smile. What is missing in order to complete the cycle is muscle relaxation. Massaging helps muscles go back to their proper length. What’s more, with Facegroovin’ you learn to massage both muscles and your facial skin. Two different techniques, two different results. In massaging the muscles, we strive for long term effects while the massage of the skin is effective practically right away – it smoothes and shortens wrinkles. In some programs we also use a lymphatic drainage technique. It helps to push the excess lymph from the cheeks and lower eyelids to the lymph nodes. As a result, your face is refreshed, swelling disappears and so do bags under the eyes.

To ensure proper muscle function – yes. But in order to achieve anti-aging benefits – no. Our method relies on a few carefully chosen components, designed to yield the best possible results – in synergy. So go ahead and take the whole package :).

Yes! Choose the amount of time you have available while filling out the Facegroovin’ survey or search through the section of already programmed timed sets. The most important aspect of your practice is its frequency. It’s better to workout every day for 10 minutes than once a week for 45 min.

We believe that a workout is a pleasure and that it’s better to do 80% of something than 100% of nothing. ;) What do we mean by that? Choose workouts that will entertain you. Facegroovin’ provides many options for practicing and you will definitely find something for today’s you, for tomorrow’s you...and so on. Our needs change with time. Set in your calendar the days when you want to practice and enter your workout sessions in the same way you enter your daily tasks. Subsequently, check off the workouts once they are done. Remember that you need 21 days to put a new habit into practice – so try to stay motivated for 3 weeks. You’ll see, later it will just go swimmingly. After completing the first cycle reward yourself with a small, healthy pleasure and let your loved ones know about your accomplishment – let them support you in your endeavors.

What else? Don’t judge yourself too harshly just because you missed one of your workouts or you didn’t give it your all. Do it for yourself, for your own pleasure, your health and your skin. No regrets! Have as much fun as possible and get your friend, sister or mom to start doing the workouts as well – a good support group is the key for being motivated. :).

To prepare your face all you need is your favorite light face cream that you can apply to a cleansed face right before your workout.

When it comes to accessories, it all depends on what you like. Here at Facegroovin’ we are a little bit obsessed with accessories and we believe that communing with beautiful objects turns a workout into a wonderful ritual. We sell ceramic gua sha Crafthearts and Salthearts, but we also use, for instance, regular spoons. You can decide for yourself. Choose whether you need to kick it up a notch or you prefer a pragmatic approach. Either way – sometimes all you need for the self-massage are your own fingers, so you are perfectly welcome to come to class without any special accessories.

You can practice whenever you want. We know how it is – sometimes it’s difficult to find a moment to yourself. There are “morning larks” and there are “night owls” – so for practice find a moment that suits you best. Just a small piece of advice: we recommend a moment when you don’t feel rushed, your head is (hopefully) free from worries and it’s a moment you really can dedicate to yourself. We also recommend practicing at a fixed time of the day so that you don’t fall into the trap of postponing it forever. ;) Routine is important. The rest is up to you!

PS. One helpful trick is to make a fixed, digital appointment with a friend to practice at the same time – text messages that you will exchange afterwards will reinforce your motivation!

Yes, they are! Our workouts don’t cause skin abrasion or injury. They do not constitute an invasive treatment comparable to, for instance, plastic surgery. The method gives you a specific instruction as to the scale of the pressure you should be applying, depending on the parts of the face you are working on, so that your workouts are accurate and thorough. If you suffer from broken capillaries on your face – observe closely how it reacts to the exercises. Workout according to your own needs and watch the skin’s reactions. Slight redness appearing during and afterwards is perfectly normal.

IMPORTANT! Remember to check on the workouts contraindications – you will find them in the app’s Terms of Use.

You don't have to worry if you stick to the time frames we recommend and make sure to take some time to rest. Exercise no more than once a day and enjoy a beautiful face.

No worries. Even if you practice a lot and often, you will not cause any significant change in muscle tissue growth. This is because, despite the fact there are so many facial muscles, they are still very small. Facial workouts can and will improve the look of your face, adding some freshness and youthfulness to it, but will never unnaturally enlarge it in any way. Some aspects of the self-massage help loosen groups of muscles that deal with too much tension, and thus allow us to regain their full balance. Here at Fg' we promote muscle balance, therefore we advise you to exercise according to your personalized program or according to the default programs and durations we recommend.

Yes. Exercises and jawline massage are an effective (and natural!) way to combat the problem of teeth-grinding. Look up one of our programs dedicated to bruxism, that is designed for those who suffer from it.

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